Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Academic Performance of Colleges

Anna University has now come up with a new improvement of publishing the performance of all colleges over the internet.
The Performance of Colleges can be Checked at:

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Android Mobile App for Students Corner

Anna University has introduced a lot more new things for the Welfare of students. The Institution has the option of loading their marks into the website by the institute login and thereby the students can view their marks by the Students Corner Login..

The Advantages of the newly introduced app are::
1. Profile 
2. Internal Mark* 
3.Exam Schedule
4. Exam Results.

*The View of Internal Marks has been a new feature introduced by Anna university, where the student can view his/her internal marks provided by the college and study according to the marks in the externals.
        Viewing Internal Marks are Subjected to a period from 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM. But the Advantage of using the Android app is it does not follow the time limit and anybody can see their marks at any time.


Use Scan the QR Code on your Android Mobile:

Note: This is not to reproduce the former and this is just for the purpose of Awareness....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anna University Registration Numbers...

The Easy way to see your marks and your friends marks by the new registration number system..

The Registration Number contains the following:

College Code    : 3122
                           For Other College Codes Click Here ( College Codes )
Academic Year : 12 (For 2012 -2013) Academic Year /13 (For 2013-2014)
Branch Code     : Aeronautical Engineering ( 101 )
                            Automobile Engineering ( 102 )
                            Civil Engineering ( 103 )
                            Computer Science and Engineering ( 104 )
                            Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( 105 )
                            Electronic and Communication Engineering ( 106 )
                            Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering ( 107 )
                            Mechanical Engineering ( 114 )
                            Production Engineering ( 120 )
                            Biomedical Engineering ( 121 )
                            Chemical Engineering ( 203 )
                            Information Technology ( 205 )
                            Bio Technology ( 214 )
Roll No              : 001 to ...

Sample Register Number : 3122 11 118 024